Pig Candy – Winner 2018 Dave Tiller Best Jerky Award

On October 20th 2018 we took part in a conference put on by the Ontario Independent Meat Processors and our newest product, Pig Candy, was entered into theDave Tillers Peoples Choice Awards – Jerky Category competition that is an annual event. We are proud to announce that our peers in the industry chose our product to be voted the best Jerky of 2018.  Thank you to all those that voted for us!

Pig Candy is a fun treat thought up by bbq chefs of years past. We are Buster Rhino’s put our own fun little spin into it, we use 100% Canadian Maple syrup with a touch of chipotle seasoning to add the smallest hint of warmth to the product. It’s truly a mouthful of delicious flavours that leave you wanting for another bite. The nutritional value of this product would surprise you too, it’s safe for keto friendly diets, it’s high in protein, low in carbs and really a sweet tasty treat.

Pig Candy is available through a limited number of stores currently, although we know the list will expand quickly over the next couple of weeks. The product can also be purchased through our e-commerce site, busterrhinos.biz and shipping for Pig Candy is free for the next couple of weeks across Canada.


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