Many customers ask why we change the spelling of Whisky and add an e for certain styles. It all comes down to country of origin, if the Whiskey is made in Ireland or the US, there is an added e to the name, all other countries do not add the e.

We have several bottles that are hard to find, that only come out every couple of years. Also in our collection are a few bottles that will never be back out on the market again.

All pours are priced at one ounce.
Pours are available in 1/2 ounce at 1/2 listed price.
We try our best to keep this list up to date, we are always purchasing new bottles, and emptying others. A few whiskies may be missing or sold out.





Menu Item Country Origin Price
Alberta Premium Dark Horse Canada 5.00
Canadian Club 100% Rye Canada 5.00
Crown Royal Vanilla Canada 5.00
Fireball Whisky Canada 5.00
Gibsons Finest Gold Canada 5.00
Revel Stoke Canada 5.00
Spice Box Canada 5.00
Wisers Deluxe Canada 5.00
Wisers Double Still Rye Canada 5.00
Wisers Hopped Whisky Canada 5.00
Wisers Small Batch Canada 5.00
Wisers Special Blend Canada 5.00
Wisers Spiced Vanilla Canada 5.00
Canadian Club Sherry Cask Canada 5.10
Wisers Small Batch Whisky Canada 5.13
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Canada 5.25
Collingwood Canada 5.50
Forty Creek Canada 5.50
Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve Canada 5.50
Lot 40 Canada 5.50
Crown Royal Canada 6.00
Gooderham & Worts Canada 6.95
1910 Canadian Rye Whisky Canada 6.99
Pike Creek Canada 7.50
Century Reserve 21 yo Canada 7.63
Toronto Distillery Co. First Barrels Whiskey Canada 7.85
Wisers Legacy Canada 7.95
Crown Royal Monarch Edition Canada 9.50
Toronto Distillery Co. Organic Rye Canada 9.94
Toronto Distillery Co. Organic Wheat Canada 9.94
Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Canada 10.00
Wisers Last Barrels Canada 10.21
66 Gilead Wild Oak Whisky Canada 10.74
Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Canada 10.81
Forty Creek Three Grain Harmony Canada 10.82
Stalk & Barrel Canada 10.89
66 Gilead Crimson Rye Whiskey Canada 11.00
Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend Canada 11.00
Wisers 18yo Canadian Whisky Canada 11.08
Mastersons 10 Years Old Canada 12.37
Glen Breton Rare Single Malt Canada 12.40
Blair Athol Malt Whisky Canada 13.37
Mastersons 12yr Straight Wheat Canada 16.81
Bastille 1789 Hancrafted Whisky France 8.55
P & M Corsican Blended France 9.25
Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky India 13.33
Bushmills Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.00
2 Gingers Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.50
Jameson Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.50
Kilbeggon Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.50
Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.50
West Cork Original Irish Whiskey Ireland 5.50
Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey Ireland 5.71
The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey Ireland 6.20
Jameson Caskmates Ireland 6.32
Bushmills 10yr Single Malt Ireland 6.69
Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whisky Ireland 7.43
Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Ireland 8.01
Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey Ireland 8.5
The Irishman Dounders Reserve Ireland 8.55
Connemara Peated Single Malt Ireland 9.32
Greenore Single Grain 8yo Ireland 9.44
Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey Ireland 9.73
Redbreast 12yr Irish Whisky Ireland 10.56
Tullamore Dew 10 Yr. Single Malt Ireland 10.89
Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey Ireland 11.38
Green Spot Irish Whiskey Ireland 13.50
Tyerconnell Madeira Finish Ireland 16.66
Nikka Taketsuru Japan 12.41
Hibiki Harmony Japan 15.57
Black Bottle Blended Scotland 5.00
The Glenlivet 12yr Malt Scotland 7.62
Aberlour 10yo Single Malt Scotch Scotland 7.79
Glenfiddich 12 yr Single Malt Scotland 7.93
Robbie Burns Single Malt Scotland 8.28
Chivas regal 12yr Scotland 8.50
Bowmore 12 yo Islay Single Malt Scotland 8.54
The Glenrothes Select Reserve Scotland 9.43
Highland Park 10 yr old Scotch Scotland 9.49
Bruichladdich Scotland 10.89
Glenmorangie Original Scotland 11.00
Cardhu Single Malt Scotland 11.67
Cask Islay Scotch Scotland 11.79
Highland Park 12 yr old Scotch Scotland 11.87
The Glenlivet 15yr Old French Oak Reserve Scotland 12.19
The Glenlivet Nadurro Oloroso Scotland 13.23
Cu Bocan Scotch Scotland 13.55
Caol Ila 12 yr Scotland 13.76
The Balvenie 12yr Doublewood Scotland 14.00
The Dalmore 12 Scotland 14.15
Ardberg 10yo Islay Scotch Whisky Scotland 15.56
Highland Park Dark Origins Scotland 15.72
Oban Little Bay Scotland 15.73
The Glenrothes Sherry Cask Scotland 16.43
Hedonism Blended Scotch Scotland 16.56
Glenfarclas 15 Year Old Scotland 16.69
The Balvenie Caribbean Cask Scotland 17.12
Oban 14 yr Scotland 17.29
The Glenlivet 18yr Old Single Malt Scotland 19.00
Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt Scotch Scotland 19.31
Glenmorangie Nectar D`Or Scotland 19.38
The Balvenie Single Barrel – First Fill Scotland 20.61
Bains Whisky South Africa 7.49
Three Ships Whisky / Scotch Blend South Africa 7.49
Mackmyra Special 08 Sweden 16.27
Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Taiwan 23.27
Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon USA 5.00
George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey USA 5.00
Jack Daniels Honey USA 5.00
Jack Daniels Original USA 5.00
Jim Beam Devils Cut USA 5.00
Wild Turkey Rye USA 5.00
Jack Daniels 150th Aanniversary USA 5.18
Jim Bean Black USA 5.50
Western Honey Pepper Whiskey USA 5.50
Wild Turkey USA 5.50
Rebel Yell Bourbon USA 5.61
Jack Daniels Master Distiller #3 Lem Tolley USA 5.65
Old Forester Bourbon USA 5.85
Gentleman Jack USA 6.00
Ezra Brooks Bourbon USA 6.02
Four Roses Bourbon USA 6.18
George Dickel Rye USA 6.18
Tincup American Whiskey USA 6.19
Virginia Black American Whiskey USA 6.28
Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey USA 6.65
Bulleit Rye USA 6.65
Washington Wheat USA 6.65
Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon USA 6.85
Buffalo Trace Bourbon USA 6.96
Elijah Craig 12 yr USA 7.00
W.L. Weller USA 7.00
Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon USA 7.07
Rittenhouse Rye USA 7.12
Rebel Reserve Bourbon USA 7.18
Four Roses Single Barrel IA USA 7.22
Four Roses Single Barrel IC USA 7.22
Four Roses Single Barrel IE USA 7.22
Templeton Rye USA 7.43
Woodford Reserve USA 7.50
1792 Small Batch USA 7.73
Bullit Bourbon 10yr USA 7.78
Knob Creek USA 8.00
Basil Hayden Straight Bourbon USA 8.06
Eagle Rare 10yo Bourbon USA 8.30
Jack Daniels Single Barrel USA 8.35
Bakers Kentucky Bourbon USA 8.49
Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon USA 8.84
Sazarac Rye USA 8.86
Makers Mark 46 USA 9.04
New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon USA 9.18
Blanton`s Single Barrel Reserve USA 9.27
Blantons Bourbon USA 10.12
Stranahan`s Colorado Whiskey USA 10.21
Old Ezra 7 Year Old USA 10.26
Yellow Rose Bourbon USA 10.89
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked USA 10.9
Bookers Bourbon USA 12.00
Balcones Baby Blue USA 12.37
Ezra B. 12 Year Old USA 13.00
E.H. Taylor Rye USA 13.25
E.H. Taylor Single Barrel USA 13.25
E.H. Taylor Small Batch USA 13.25
Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon USA 13.25
Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey 6yr. USA 14.15
Prichards Single Malt Whiskey USA 14.15
Michters US*1 Bourbon USA 14.48
Orphan Barrel Barterhouse Bourbon USA 14.93
Koval Single Barrel Bourbon USA 14.98
Caribou Crossing USA 15.16
Blanton`s Gold Label Bourbon USA 15.80
Bib & Tucker 6yr USA 16.51
Hudson Baby Bourbon USA 20.16
Parkers Heritage Bourbon 13yr USA 26.45
Still House Bourbon USA 29.56
Stillhouse Malt Whiskey USA 29.56
Elijah Craig Bourbon 23 yr USA 35.79
Buffal Trace Experimental Edition #1 USA 40.00
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