• Appetizers

    • Hot Tortilla Chips


      A full basket of piping hot, fresh and crispy tortilla chips served with a generous side of salsa and sour cream.

    • Deep Fried Pickles


      Battered in house, crispy deep fried pickles. Served with house made buttermilk ranch dressing.

    • Cornbread Basket


      We believe cornbread should be soft, moist and buttery and our chefs came up with a stunning recipe for southern corn bread.  This basket of cornbread is best shared with a table of 4.

      add house made chipotle butter or maple butter for just $1.00

    • Grilled Quesadilla


      Grilled tortilla stuffed full of melted cheese, onions and peppers, with your choice of pulled pork, chicken, or beef brisket. With Sour cream and Salsa.

    • Cheesy Curds


      Cheese curds that have been lightly battered then deep fried, no seriously they are as good as they sound. One of our best sellers.

    • Chicken Bites


      A bite sized verion of our juicy chicken fingers. Served with a choice of sauce.

      Want to try something different, ask the staff to Taylorize them. We take those nuggets of chicken breast, fry them, then coat them in one of our sauces (your choice) and drizzle chipotle mayo over them. This is absolutely a staff favourite.  Add $1.50

    • Hand Dipped Sourdough Onion Rings


      When we decided to add onion rings to our menu, they couldn't just be what everyone else was serving. We hand developed a sour dough batter that creates these amazing onion rings.

    • 1/2 Lb Smoked Chicken Wings


      1/2 pound of our juicy smoked chicken wings. Served with your choice of sauce, or have them naked!

    • Pop Caps


      Fiery Jalapenos tossed in our secret batter and quickly fried to make a spicy hot chip. Ask for a dipping sauce.

    • Entrees

    • Signature Back Ribs

      Half Rack $20.99
      Full Rack $26.25

      Your choice of our original dry rub or sauced up slow smoked ribs. Served with your choice of sauce and one classic side.

    • Chicken Fingers


      Smoked chicken tenders with savoury seasonings and a crispy coating. Served with plum sauce and one classic side

    • BBQ Chicken Platter


      Two tender, juicy, seasoned BBQ chicken breasts. Served with your choice of sauce and one classic side.

    • Smoked Chicken Wings


      A full pound of our famous wings. Served with a choice of sauce and a classic side.

    • Southern BBQ Platter

      Pork $18.00
      Beef $20.99

      A double portion of either our signature pulled pork or beef brisket. Served with your choice of sauce and one classic side.

    • Combos

    • Rib & Wing Combo

      Half Rack $27.29
      Full Rack $33.59

      Award winning signature back ribs and 1 pound of smoked chicken wings. Served with one side and choice of sauce.

    • Make your own combo platter

      2 Meats $29.00
      3 Meats $36.00
      4 Meats $42.00

      Pick from the delicious items below to create your own special combo. Includes two sides & your choice of sauces. (1 sauce per meat item).
      *Limit of two rib options per combo.

      1/2 Rack Signature Back Ribs Pulled Pork
      1 lb Smoked Chicken Wings Pulled Chicken
      Smoked Sausage (when available) BBQ Chicken Breast
      Chicken Fingers Beef Brisket
    • The Meat-A-Tarian


      Half rack of our award winning signature back ribs, 1lb of smoked chicken wings, our tender and meaty pulled pork, smokey beef brisket,  chicken, 2 kaisers, and two classic or premium sides.

    • Family Rib Pack


      2 full racks of our signature slow smoked ribs served with your choice of 2 classic sides and choice of sauce. Served original dry rub or all sauced up.

    • Southern Rib Pack


      2 racks of ribs, choice of 2lbs pork or brisket , 3 large sides, 8 kaiser rolls, and 2 bottles of Buster Rhino's Original Championship BBQ Sauce.

    • Sandwiches

    • Pulled Pork Sandwich


      Our pulled pork is smoked "low and slow" over real hardwood. Piled high and dripping with your choice of sauce.  This is our original signature meal!

    • Beef Brisket Sandwich


      Mouth watering sliced beef brisket smoked Texas-style over real hardwood for up to 20 house. Served with your choice of sauce and one classic side.

    • BBQ Chicken Sandwich


      Choose from either our savoury pulled chicken or tender BBQ chicken breast. Includes a classic side and your choice of sauce.

    • BBQ Chicken Club Sandwich


      BBQ Chicken breast, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and our own bacon made in house by our amazing staff.

    • Brisket Cheesesteak


      Beef Brisket topped with sauteed onions, peppers, and melted provolone cheese. Includes a classic side and your choice of sauce.

    • The Triple Threat: 3 Smoked Meats at Once!


      Pulled pork topped with coleslaw, beef brisket topped with pop cops, pulled chicken topped with onion rings and cheese curds, smothered in our house gravy. This does not include a side.

    • Sandwich Upgrades

      You can add any of these items to any sandwich.

      Double the Meat +$5.00
      Bacon or Cheese +$1.00
      Chipotle Mayo +$.50
      Carolina Style +$1.00
      Switch to Premium Side +$1.00

    • Sides

    • Classic Sides


      All of our sides are made from scratch in house ensuring the finest sides anywhere.

      Hand-Cut Fries
      BBQ Baked Beans

    • Premium Sides


      Our premium sides are all made in house, fresh daily. Ensuring only the finest quality ingredients are present.

      Sourdough Battered Onion Rings
      Deep Fried Pickles
      Pop Caps
      Sweet Potato Fries
      Pop Caps
      Green Salad

    • Deep Fried Pickles


      Battered in house, crispy deep fried pickles. Served with house made buttermilk ranch dressing.

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