br-carolina-salt Carolina Seasoning Salt
$4.29 (150 g)
Our unique combination of seasonings and spices has been specially formulated to make the most mouth-watering, tender pulled pork this side of the South. It is also very versatile! Try adding a little Carolina Seasoning Salt with some olive oil to veggies prior to throwing them on the grill Рyou will not be disappointed.

Suggested Uses: Sprinkle on chicken or pork prior to roasting, smoking or grilling. Add it into mashed potatoes, sprinkle on popcorn or corn on the cob!

br-rib-rub Super Secret Rib-Type Rubbin’ Mix
$4.29 (150 g)
Our super secret homemade rib rub recipe has a unique blend of seasoning and spices that add a tantalizing flavour that sticks to your ribs! Coat your ribs with a layer of yellow mustard, and then generously cover with our super secret rib rub. Throw on the smoker and enjoy.

Suggested Uses: Ribs, of course!

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